Apollo in 50 numbers: The full list

Apollo in 50 numbers: The full list

Over the last month, BBC Future brought the fascinating history of the Apollo programme to life in 50 numbers – here’s the full list.

This week marked 50 years since the three Apollo 11 astronauts – Neil Armstrong, Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin and Michael Collins – returned to Earth, having become the first manned mission to land on the Moon.

The Apollo programme which took them there would run until 1972. In all, there were 12 manned missions, brought to life by a workforce of over 400,000. As one of the greatest industrial projects ever mounted, its legacy continues today.

BBC Future’s space columnist Richard Hollingham told the story of the programme in 50 numbers, spread across 10 stories. Here, we’ve provided the full list.

0: Bottles of brandy consumed in space

0.2: Apollo 11 radiation exposure, in rads

1: Number of women in Flight Control (Apollo 11)

2: Maximum speed of crawler transporter, in miles per hour

3: Cases of flatulence

4.5: Habitable volume of Lunar module, in cubic metres

5: Number of Saturn V stages still in Earth/Moon orbit

5.50: Cost of the Apollo 11 flag, in US dollars and cents

6: Packs of pineapple fruit cake

7: Re-entry speed, in miles per second

8: Number of Apollo astronauts who died during Apollo

9: Number of tape players taken into orbit

12: Number of Moonwalkers

15: Number of microwave meals eaten

15.28: Combined spaceflight experience of Apollo 14 crew before mission, in hours and minutes

18: Different names for Apollo spacecraft

21: Days Apollo 11 crew spent in quarantine

22: Diameter of Saturn V computer

24: Decongestants used on Apollo 7

25: Length of duct tape rolls, in feet

33.31: Expenses claimed by Buzz Aldrin for Apollo 11, in US dollars

34: Percentage of US public in favour of Moon missions in 1967

36: Weight of lunar satellite launched into orbit by Apollo, in kilograms

38: Average age of the Apollo astronauts

47: Years since a human walked on the Moon

60: Miles walked or driven on the Moon

64: Width of TV dish which received images from the Moon, in metres

73: Hours Al Worden (Apollo 15) spent alone in space

74: Memory in Apollo guidance computer, in kilobytes

75: Length of Apollo broadcasts, in minutes

80: Number of hours Apollo astronauts walked spent on EVAs

100: Percentage of cloud cover for Apollo 12 launch

111: Height of Saturn V rocket, in metres

150: Neil Armstrong’s heartrate, in beats per minutes

170: Weight of steak consumed before lift-off, in grams

362: Weight of lunar samples gathered, in kilograms

398: Stamped envelopes taken to the Moon (Apollo 15)

500: Number of seeds carried into space

1202: Apollo 11 warning alarms

2,382: Images of Earthrise

2,800: Calories consumed per day by Apollo astronauts

28,000: Distance from Earth, in miles, of the Blue Marble image

38,000: Hours on simulators before missions

100,000: Cost of Neil Armstrong’s spacesuit, in US dollars

238,855: Distance to the Moon, in miles

400,000: Total Apollo workforce

35m: Thrust at lift-off of Saturn V rocket, in Newtons

388m: Cost of lunar lander programme

600m: TV audience of Apollo 11

25.4bn: Total cost of Apollo programme, in 1969 US dollars

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