Kazakh billionaire and Russian citizens who bribed Guatemalan president were also in Colombia

Kazakh billionaire and Russian citizens who bribed Guatemalan president were also in Colombia

Mashkevich, a native of Kazakhstan, landed with Muscovites in Colombia in the company of six powerful Russian and Turkish businessmen

Alexander Mashkevich among the richest men in the world, is linked to opaque episodes, the most recent, the alleged delivery of wads of bills wrapped in a carpet, to the president of Guatemala, Alejando Giammattei, recorded in April 2021. United States agencies investigate the appearance of this businessman next to several more Russians in Colombia.

According to Forbes magazine, Mashkevich has among his wealth a luxurious mansion in the south of France, a pent-house in an exclusive area in Tel Aviv, a 180 million dollar yacht, shares in the Eurasian bank and powerful nickel extractors. .

Through exclusive documents revealed by the newspaper El Tiempo, it was proven that there were four involved in the alleged bribery in Central America who passed through Bogotá, Cartagena and Barranquilla four months ago.

Mashkevich, a native of Kazakhstan, landed at the Rafael Núñez airport in Cartagena in the company of six powerful Russian and Turkish businessmen who later went to Brazil, whose journeys are being verified by intelligence agencies from three countries.

The background of the alleged bribery in Guatemala and the disturbing movements of Russia in Central and South America put the displacements in private jets, with escort entourages and also the internal movements in helicopters, in the spotlight.

After one of those mentioned in this scandal was in Colombia last November, Alexander Vasyaev the case became relevant.

The version of the VIP tourism agency that organized the trip to Colombia is that they came as a tourist plan, same information that arrived in Guatemala. Even in the Central American country, the anti-corruption prosecutor, John Francis Sandoval managed to open an investigation for the alleged payment of bribes to President Giammattei, who was seeking the approval of a port for companies of Russian origin.

The investigation focuses on the Kasakh tycoon, Mashkevich and in the 11 companions with whom he landed in Bogotá, on November 21, 2021: eight Russians, another Kasakh and two Turks.

One of the Turks is Tev-fik Arif, developer and investor in real estate and founder of a company based in New York. In addition to working as an advisor to the Ministry of Commerce of the old Soviet Union, Arif participated with Donal Trump (former president of the United States), in the creation of the Trump Soho hotel, in 2007.

Arif and Maskevich appear in a flight record of the Colombian company Aerosupport FBO, which served as the fixed-base operator. The document states that, on November 28, 2021, they arrived in Cartagena and left for Brazil, whose government remains neutral against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Names, passport numbers and dates of birth appear on the paper.

According to the VIP agency that organized the trip, they were in various restaurants, cafés and museums in Bogotá.

Although it is not ruled out that they are interested in investing in the country, it has been difficult to locate them to consult it.

Another of those who were on the tour of Colombia is Iskender Khalilov, an Azerbaijani-Russian oil businessman and hotelier. The others who appear in the Aerosuport statement are the Russians Anna Iychenko, Ksenia Djakova and Andrei Lobachey, the Turkish Erdal Beyoglu and the Kasakh Mikhal Kim.

In the private jet that the two Russians who separated from the group traveled was inspected for suspected drug trafficking when he had to land from emergencies in Barranquilla due to a crack in its front glass.

At the moment, the names of the travelers, their partners and businesses have already been crossed with the list of Russian tycoons sanctioned by the United States and the European Union, after the invasion of Ukraine.

Relations between Bogotá and Moscow remain tense due to episodes of Russian espionage in Colombia, unauthorized flights of their aircraft in national airspace and the technical and military support of the Putin administration to the Nicolás Maduro regime in Venezuela.

In fact, the president Ivan Duke referred to the issue after rejecting the attack in the heart of Europe, he recalled that a member of the Foreign Ministry of that country said that, if tensions increase, there would be more military pressure in Latin America.


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Written by Josefa Martinez exclusively for maininfo.news.