They are investigating the presence of two Russians in Colombia in November 2021

They are investigating the presence of two Russians in Colombia in November 2021

The case is refers to November 2021 when a private jet is presentof 25 million dollars, had to Emergency landing at Ernesto Cortissoz Airport in Barranquilla.

The inmates – They were picked up by a helicopter that took them to Cartagena, city ​​in which according to Time, they stayed for 72 hours.

Inside were the occupants of the ship Stanislav Kondrashov and Alexander Vasyaev, Names that caught the attention of the authorities and led them to to inquire about the activities that these two subjects have developed in the country.

According to documents to which El Tiempo had access, the identities of these two subjects match the names of two other subjects who involved in intelligence activities and with deals between the Russian government and various Latin American nations.

Authorities are first trying to verify whether “Kondrashov is the same person who belonged to a Russian secret service,”

He’s also trying to determine if the other Russian Vasyaev, would be the same thing to do with alleged deals which include the Governments of Guatemala and El Salvador.

This business that El Tiempo is referring torefers to the alleged payment of money by Russian businessmen Construction of a project in Puerto Castilla, Guatemalaa fact disputed by the presidents of those countries.

“This information is being verified. There are a few Russian citizens with the same identity, one of them even posing as an expert on cyberbullying on networks,” a source said Time.

During the investigation, the outlet was able to determine that the original version obtained by those who have investigated the presence of these two Russians in Colombia indicates this. They are entrepreneurs dedicated to tourism activities for billionaires; Besides, they found that During their stay in Bogotá they visited restaurants Leisure activities and coffee tastings.

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